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When your transmission needs service don’t go to a general mechanic – visit The San Jose Auto Repair to make sure your repair is done right the first time.
The transmission system fortunately does not need attention every other month. The Jaguar literally has to be driven for tens of thousands of miles before the transmission fluid has to be changed or the filters replaced.

jaguar transmission repair
Auto Repair of Jaguar Transmission repair

The British are famous for all kinds of great things – fish and chips, double-decker buses, the Beatles and last but not least, Jaguar. Bay area natives love their Jaguars as much as they love fish and chips, which means you’ll see Jaguar vehicles all over the roads from San Jose to San Francisco. Where do these Jags go for service? Made in Europe, of course!

Jaguar Transmission Repair experts in San Jose
Best Auto repair for Jaguar Transmission Repair

Our team at made in San Jose might not speak with a British accent, but they certainly know British-born cars. Using factory Jaguar and Jaguar approved parts, our team of certified technicians will diagnose and repair your Jaguar at a fraction of dealer cost. Jaguar Transmission Repair is not something, however, that should be delayed indefinitely. The total replacement of a transmission can cost thousands of dollars.

There isn’t a vehicle in the Jaguar lineup that isn’t sleek and sexy. Do you own a classic MK II or E-type? Perhaps a XJ Vanden Plas, or an XF. We get to service them all. We at San Jose Auto Repair can provide you just that, a Jaguar repair specialist who has the knowledge and the equipment necessary to get the job done right the first time.

From simple Jaguar maintenance to complex Jaguar electrical repair, from Jaguar transmission repair to complicated V-12 engine overhaul, we are your one stop repair facility.

Jaguar Transmission Repair experts in San Jose
Best Auto repair for Jaguar Transmission Repair