Jaguar Transmission Repair

San Jose Auto Repair rebuilds both automatic and manual transmissions. Since 1970 we have built a fantastic reputation as the leading auto repair shop. We work exclusively on transmissions, so our technicians are specialists with detailed experience.

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Jaguar Transmission Repair

When your transmission needs service don’t go to a general mechanic – visit The San Jose Auto Repair to make sure your repair is done right the first time.
The transmission system fortunately does not need attention every other month. The Jaguar literally has to be driven for tens of thousands of miles before the transmission fluid has to be changed or the filters replaced. Jaguar Transmission Repair is not something, however, that should be delayed indefinitely. The total replacement of a transmission can cost thousands of dollars.

Once the odometer has registered miles recommended by either the manufacturer’s guide or an auto mechanic, the transmission needs the attention it deserves. It can be a do-it-yourself project if the car owner knows what he or she is doing. However, the Jaguar transmission is a delicate work of mechanical art, with very thin clutch plates and a transmission fluid change has to be done very carefully.

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The name of our services is corroborated by the fact that we are experts in our work area and we know how to keep your happy ultimately leading to your happiness. The fact that we have maintained these clients over years is a testament to the quality transmission service we provide. Just call us anytime to get started to have our support.
Now more than ever, the family vehicle is the vital link for families to survive today’s economy.

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We strive for excellence on seven key factors:

  1. Same day and immediate services available for most emergency repairs
  2. Fair Pricing. Our most important feature for our customers
  3. Efficient and Accurate Diagnostics of your vehicles symptoms
  4. Excellent Automotive and Transmission Service Reputation
  5. Unprecedented Warranty. Up to 3 years on Rebuilt Transmissions
  6. 2 Year Warranty On Automotive Repairs
  7. Great Friendly Service with Automotive Professionals that care